How to Use this Online Teaching Resource

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Kids is an online educational resource from Nestlé and the AIS that’s designed to help you educate your students regarding health, lifestyle and leadership. As well as being completely FREE, it’s also been tailored to match the specific curriculum requirements.

Get teaching now, with these four steps:

1) Browse the Free Teaching Units

Teaching units are available to match the specific curriculum of your state or territory. Browse through a variety of lesson plans, and see how they match up with Key Learning Areas.

2) Use the multimedia resources in lessons

There are videos, on-line games, handouts and worksheets supporting each lesson to make the learning (and teaching) experience both informative and engaging.

3) Evaluate Students using the Rubric Assessments

Use the Assessment Rubrics to evaluate student understanding as measured against the learning intention for the associated lesson.

4) Join our community and tell us what you think

By joining our community you will be kept informed of new content, promotions and other activities available for The Australian Institute of Sport, Nestlé and Kids.