What is this Teaching Resource?

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The Kids Resource is a series of classroom units that engages students in group and individual exercises, and hands-on activities.  Plus there’s plenty of tips for just getting outside and being !

Engaging lesson plans, fun videos and games, stimulating worksheets and helpful handouts will spark students’ appreciation of activity, and spur the lifestyle that is so quintessentially Australian.

Use as much or as little of the resources as you feel you need. Kids contains student worksheets to be used in tandem with resource activities, as well as student handouts with information to support and complete resource activities.  For fast finishers, there’s also additional worksheets and handouts for extension activities – plus, the interactive components of many of the units make learning fun!

So why use this FREE teaching resource?

  • Kids provides teachers with relevant lesson plans that reflect an outcome-based approach to student learning.
  • Teach straight off the page with fun and engaging lesson plans, activities and worksheets.
  • Units can be used separately or together, depending on individual teacher preferences.
  • This free teaching resource is designed to fit the Health and Physical Education curriculums of all states and territories.
  • Real Australian Institute of Sport athlete profiles with inspirational stories – check out the videos in your next class!
  • There are 8 units all with fun and engaging worksheets.