Unit 1

Food and Nutrition

Australian Capital Territory


  • Takes action to promote health
  • Physically skilled and active
  • Manages self and relationships

ELA 12: The student takes action to promote health

  • 12.LC.1 The factors that influence personal health choices
  • 12.LC.3 Balanced eating habits and a variety of good food choices
  • 12.EA.5 The relationship between food choices, physical activity and health

ELA 13: The student is physically skilled and active

  • 13.LC.2 The effects of physical activity on the body

ELA 14: The student manages self and relationships

  • 14.LC.1 Factors that influence their self-esteem
  • 14.LC.2 How expectations of girls and boys, and men and women, can influence their choices, options and personal identity
  • 14.LC.11 Identify different influences on personal identity
  • 14.EA.12 analyse the ways people define their own and others’ identities


Lesson 6

Hydration - The Importance of Water

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Lessons 7 - 9

Hydration - Putting It All Together

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Lessons 11 - 12

Let’s Investigate Resources

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