Lesson 10

Media and the Community

Part of Unit 1 - Food and Nutrition
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Learning Intention

The students will recognise how media and important people in the community influence personal attitudes, beliefs, decisions and behaviours.

Activity A

Recap the previous sets of lessons relating to Hydration. Pose the question: “How often do you see your parent / carer / other important person in your life drinking water?” Allow some time for students to reflect on their answer, before asking the students to reflect on the following sets of questions:

  • How often do you see water being advertised on television? Billboards? Magazines? Newspapers? Radio programs?
  • Still thinking about drinks, what drinks you see advertised often? Where do you see them advertised most often? Can you think of one specific brand of drink that is advertised in many different ways?
  • Allow students some time to brainstorm these questions with people around them before sharing their observations and ideas to the whole class.

Discuss the role that media, family and important people in the community have in influencing personal attitudes, beliefs, decisions and behaviours.

Activity B

Display the quote below, on the board.

"... 5-12 year olds are exposed to up to 96 food ads, including 63 for high fat / high sugar foods, per week, if they watch one hour of commercial TV a day."

(Quote from "Submission to Protecting Children from Junk Food (Broadcasting Amendment) Bill 2008" submitted by Australian Psychological Society - Download PDF (U1L10R1))

Discuss the impact that this could have on students who do watch one hour of television a day. What effect would it have on those that watch more than one hour?

Activity C

Ask students to complete worksheet Health Messages in the Media (U1L10R2).

Extension Activity

Extension Activity 1 Are your students aware of exactly how much TV they are watching? Ask them to keep track for one week using this TV Log Sheet (U1L10R3).


Teacher Notes

This Australian Government website entitled Marketing obesity? Junk food, advertising and kids has information and studies of the effect of advertising on children.

The extension activities are a great homework task and / or task for those children who would benefit from extra work.