Unit 5

Challenge and Adventure

Australian Capital Territory


  • Physically skilled and active
  • Manages self and relationships

ELA 13: The student is physically skilled and active

  • 13.LC.1 Fundamental movement skills in different types of physical activity
  • 13.LC.3 How their levels of skill and fitness can influence their participation in physical activity
  • 13.LC.4 Correct use of sports equipment
  • 13.LC.5 The concept of fair play and the functions of rules in games
  • 13.LC.7 Apply and transfer fundamental movement skills in minor and modified games situations
  • 13.EA.7 Practice, refine, combine and apply fundamental and specialised movement skills in familiar and new activities and games
  • 13.EA.9 Devise and implement strategies for playing games
  • 13.EA.10 Monitor their participation in physical activity

ELA 14: The student manages self and relationships

  • 14.LC.7 The characteristics of effective communication (e.g. active listening) and factors that influence communication (e.g. feelings, peer pressure)
  • 14.LC.8 Roles and responsibilities of members within different relationships (e.g. peer group, different types of families)
  • 14.EA.12 Analyse the ways people define their own and others’ identities (e.g. by their clothes, behaviours, interests, connections with others or places)