Unit 8

Lifelong Physical Activities

Australian Capital Territory


  • Takes action to promote health
  • Physically skilled and active

ELA 12: The student takes action to promote health

  • 12.LC.1 The factors that influence personal health choices
  • 12.LC.3 Balanced eating habits and a variety of good food choices
  • 12.EA.5 The relationship between food choices, physical activity and health

ELA 13: The student is physically skilled and active

  • 13.LC.1 Fundamental movement skills in different types of physical activity
  • 13.LC.2 The effects of physical activity on the body
  • 13.LC.9 Identify personal needs and preferences for physical activity
  • 13.EA.1 The relationship between physical activity, fitness and health
  • 13.EA.4 Planning for regular physical activity as part of daily life
  • 13.EA.6 The range of physical activities available to them in their local community
  • 13.LC.3 How their levels of skill and fitness can influence their participation in physical activity
  • 13.LC.4 Correct use of sports equipment
  • 13.LC.5 The concept of fair play and the functions of rules in games
  • 13.LC.7 Apply and transfer fundamental movement skills in minor and modified games situations
  • 13.EA.7 Practice, refine, combine and apply fundamental and specialised movement skills in familiar and new activities and games
  • 13.EA.9 Devise and implement strategies for playing games
  • 13.EA.10 Monitor their participation in physical activity
  • 13.LC.2 The effects of physical activity on the body