Lesson 4

Food Labelling

Part of Unit 1 - Food and Nutrition
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Learning Intention

The students will investigate food packaging to understand how information on food labels can help them make better food choices.

Activity A

This activity introduces the concept of food labelling. Start by and showing the class an example of a food label (U1L4R1). Then allow the students some time to study the label and to ask any questions that may arise from it.

Activity B

Next invite further discussion regarding food labelling. Start by showing the video 'How to Read a Food Label' and lead into discussion regarding this topic.

Activity C

Click here to download a PDF version of “Let’s Solve The Mystery of Food Packaging” (U1L4R3). This white board lesson is a fully guided presentation about food labelling which includes examples and challenges for students. The white board lesson is presented in a fun and engaging way using a mystery character called 'Super Sleuth Sam' to help guide students towards solving the mystery of food packaging. Introduction Take your students through the presentation "Let’s Solve The Mystery of Food Packaging” (U1L4R3) and complete the three challenges (U1L4R2). At each Challenge organise the students into pairs, explain the Challenge and provide the Worksheet Handouts (U1L4R2),  allowing 5-10 minutes to complete each Challenge. Regroup after each Challenge to discuss.

Activity D

On completion of the challenges, assist the students to reflect on their learnings and list three things they have learnt from this lesson. Then share with other class members, and finally hand out healthy eating wallet cards (U1L4R7) for the students to keep.


Teacher Notes

In Australia, all food labels must conform to the labelling provisions of the national Food Standards Australia and New Zealand Code. (FSANZ)

The Food Standards Code can be viewed by clicking here.