Lesson 2

Media and Community Influences

Part of Unit 2 - Health Benefits of Physical Activity
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Learning Intention

The students will recognise how media and important people in the community influence personal attitudes, beliefs, decisions and behaviours.

Activity A

Recap the previous lesson. As a class, brainstorm television shows, television ads, media personalities, magazine ads, important community members etc. that are targeted at students age range, and provide either a positive or a negative view of physical activity. Discuss the occurrence of positive attitudes toward physical health and fitness as opposed to negative attitudes towards physical health and fitness. “How often do you see your parent / carer / other important person in your life participating in regular physical activity?” Allow some time for students to reflect on their answer, before asking the students to reflect on the following sets of questions:

  • Approximately how often do you see physical activity being promoted on television? Billboards? Magazines? Newspapers? Radio programs?
  • Still thinking about physical activity, what sports or activities do you see advertised the most often? Where do you see them advertised most often? Can you think of one specific sport that is advertised in many different ways



Activity B

Watch the short video 'You can be a champion' and hear from some AIS athletes about what has influenced them during their sporting careers.


Activity B

  • Think about sports personalities. These could be footballers, soccer players, netballers, swimmers, hockey players etc. Mostly, they are in the news for positive reasons, but occasionally they make the news for negative reasons. What is the main message they are sending to us? How do they get this message across?
  • Allow students some time to brainstorm these question with people around them before sharing their observations and ideas to the whole class.

Discuss the role that media, family and important people in the community have in influencing personal attitudes, beliefs, decisions and behaviours towards sport and physical activity.


Extension Activity

Students are to research one famous Australian sporting hero, discussing how that person has an influence on them personally.


Teacher Notes


The extension activity is a great homework task and / or task for those students who would benefit from extension work.