Unit 1

Food and Nutrition

New South Wales Curriculum


  • Personal Health Choices - Making decisions
  • Preventative measure
  • Growth and Development

Outcomes and Indicators

Knowledge and Understanding

PHS3.12 - Explains the consequences of personal lifestyle choices

  • Analyses personal food intake and physical activity involvement to identify the balance of choices madeIdentifies the positive and negative effects of various substances on the body, eg sunblock, alcohol, analgesics, tobacco, caffeine
  • Describes the factors that influence personal health choices, eg family, friends, religion, culture, environment
  • Makes judgements on the reliability of information from different sources, eg labels, websites, advertising, cigarette packets


INS 3.3 - Acts in ways that enhance the contribution of self and others in a range of cooperative situations

  • Clarifies opinions of self and others and negotiates during group activities

COS3.1- Communicates confidently in a variety of situation

  • Devises questions to analyse media messages, eg body shape, placement of tobacco products on television and in films

DMS3.2 - Makes informed decisions and accepts responsibility for consequences

  • Discriminates between a variety of products that are healthy and unhealthy, eg food, drinks

PHS3.5 - Suggests, considers and selects appropriate alternatives when resolving problems

  • Enlists support of local community bodies,eg write to council for assistance with tree planting

Values and Attitudes

  • V1 - Refers to a sense of their own worth and dignity
  • V2 - Respects the right of others to hold different values and attitudes of their own
  • V4 - Increasingly accepts responsibility for personal and community health


Lesson 6

Hydration - The Importance of Water

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Lessons 7 - 9

Hydration - Putting It All Together

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Lessons 11 - 12

Let’s Investigate Resources

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