Lessons 9 - 10

Putting It All Into Practice

Part of Unit 2 - Health Benefits of Physical Activity
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Learning Intention

The students will participate in physical activities designed to enhance fitness and discuss the impact regular participation can have on health and wellbeing.

Activity A

Refer to the goals the students created in the previous lesson (Goal Setting Exercise (U2L7-8R1)). Recap why they made the goals they did, and ask the students to think about ways they can be achieved. Remind the students of the daily physical activity recommendations for children their age.

Activity B

In small groups, students brainstorm as many benefits as they can of physical activity. Using the handout: Benefits of Physical Activity (U2L9-10R1), they are to categorise these in terms of health, skill, fitness, social health, mental wellbeing and community benefits. As a class, come together and share the various answers.

Activity C

Students break into 6-7 groups and each group is given a Disability Education Program Activity Card (U2L9-10R2). Each group is to learn their new sport and to become the ‘experts’ at it.

Students are given the opportunity to teach the other groups their game, and to participate in the other group’s games.

Students organise a session for another class in the school, where each game is run by the small groups.

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Games included in the Activity Cards are:

Hit 4 and Go
Wall Tennis
4 Square
End ball