Unit 3

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Northern Territory


  • Promoting Individual and Community Health
  • Enhancing Personal Development and Relationships


Individual and Community Health and Safety

Outcomes and Indicators

HP 3.1 Analyse images of health, develop strategies to promote personal safety and wellbeing and investigate the health services available to different groups in the community

  • Describe the images of health in the media, e.g. sporting heroes, elite athletes, magazine models
  • Generate personal health goals based on what it means to be healthy, and take action to achieve the goals, e.g. eat breakfast daily, get plenty of sleep, participate in physical activity, hunting and gathering


Human Development

Outcomes and Indicators

PD3.1 Identify the physical, social and emotional changes that occur during puberty and plan actions to manage these changes; explain how taking on different roles affects relationships and behaviours

  • Compare advantages and disadvantages of defining people in terms of their observable features and analyse stereotyping in the media, e.g. physical features, age, gender, nationality
  • Understand the basics of self-concept and self esteem
  • Recognise the influences on self esteem from family and friends
  • Explain how other people can influence behaviours linked to personal health goals