Lessons 5 - 6

Staying Safe In Water

Part of Unit 4 - Safety
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Learning Intention

The students will select and practise appropriate responses to promote safety in different situations, specifically in regard to water situations.

Activity A

Display the statement:

“More than 50 children drown every year in Australia, making it one of the largest causes of accidental death among kids. You can help reduce these statistics by simply arming yourself with the right knowledge and skills.” 

As a class, discuss what the right knowledge and skills would be, in relation to water safety. Introduce and discuss the worksheet Water Safety Fact Sheet (U4L5-6R1). Summarise each sub heading with the class.

Activity B

Discuss the importance of Australians knowing how to perform rescue safety techniques. Introduce and discuss Rescue Safety Fact Sheet (U4L5-6R2).

Briefly introduce the students to CPR by showing and discussing the information on the CPR Chart (U4L5-6R3).

Activity C

In small groups, the children use the Water Safety Scenario Cards (U4L5-6R4) to role play water safety situations to allow them to practise appropriate responses to promote safety in various water safety situations.