Lessons 6 - 7

Emotional Responses

Part of Unit 3 - Mental Health and Wellbeing
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Learning Intention

The students will analyse situations in which emotional responses can influence decision making peer group, family and movement situations. The students will discuss how inappropriate emotional responses impact relationships.

Activity A

What is an emotional response? Give students a short amount of time to think about the meaning of “emotional response”. (Whilst they are thinking, images of athletes (U3L6-7R1) winning, losing, crowds cheering, people with their head in their hands, are displayed.)

Discuss how your emotions can cause you to react or respond in a particular way. All of the above images could be reactions to the same event. Someone wins, someone loses, supporters of the winning athlete cheer, supporters of the losing athlete are upset. All are an emotional response to the same event, but their response is determined by their emotion and attitude.

Activity B

Discuss how individual students would feel about being asked to dance solo at a school assembly in front of the entire school and parents. Discuss the emotions that they would imagine they’d feel, and the reasons for their answers. Now, imagine you were given the CHOICE to dance solo at the assembly, or not to. What would your emotional response be?

Ask the same questions, this time asking the children to imagine that they were to

  • Play the guitar or other musical instrument at a school assembly
  • Shoot hoops at a school assembly
  • Demonstrate how to hit a ball in table tennis at a school assembly

Discuss the differences in emotional responses.

Activity C

Distribute “Respond to This” Role Play cards (U3L6-7R2) to small groups of students (3-4 students per group). Each group is given a card with one hypothetical task or situation on it. Students are to analyse how their emotional response to each task or activity will influence their decision making. Other members of the class discuss whether the emotional responses performed in the role play were appropriate or not, and how these responses could potentially impact on relationships.

Discuss why emotional responses can be unpredictable.