Lessons 8 - 9

You Be the Teacher! (Again!)

Part of Unit 7 - Games and Sport
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Learning Intention

Students will participate in physical activities from their own and other cultures to examine how involvement creates community connections and intercultural understanding.

Activity A

Watch the clip from BTN titled Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games.

Activity B

Select a collection of traditional activity cards from the Yulunga resource weblink for students to read in small groups (approx 4 students).

Groups practice playing the game and prepare a lesson using the worksheet (U7L8-9R1) to teach to the class that includes:

  • Background of the activity
  • Skills required to play the games
  • How to play the game (including a demonstration)
  • Basic rules

Activity C

Students present their game to the class.

Activity D

After each group has presented their game, the students will complete the worksheet 'Traditional Games' (7L8-9R2).