Lesson 2

Our Local Community

Part of Unit 8 - Lifelong Physical Activities
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Learning Intention

The students will explore ways people can connect with members of their community through participating in physical activities in natural settings and built structures. Students will discuss how connection to the local community, environment or special places can influence personal and community health and wellbeing.

Students will discuss how accessibility to natural and built environments can help or hinder participation in physical activities.

Activity A

As a class, brainstorm places in the local community in which people gather to participate in physical activities. List these places on the board so it is visible to all students. Discuss the difference between a natural setting and built structure.

Activity B

Ask students to use the list of local community physical activity places, developed in the whole-class brainstorm,  and organise them into natural and built structures on the  worksheet: “Organising the data” (U8L2R1).

Activity C

Using the Graphing Activity worksheet (U8L2R2), ask students to graph findings. Discuss the findings and hypothesise about reasons for noticeable trends (eg accessibility, cost etc).