Lesson 3

Sport and Leisure Promotion

Part of Unit 8 - Lifelong Physical Activities
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Learning Intention

The students will explore ways people can connect with members of their community through participating in physical activities in natural settings and built structures. Students will discuss how accessibility to natural and built environments can help or hinder participation in physical activities.

Activity A

In pairs or individually, ask students to prepare a multimedia or print poster promoting their favourite sport and leisure activity to their peers and to the school community. The poster may include accessibility, cost, history.

Use the handout: “Leisure Activity Promotion” (U8L3R1) to guide the students thinking and creativity in regard to their chosen sport and leisure and how they will promote it.

Information in the P.E teaching resources section of this site, may provide information helpful to students on their chosen sport.

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Assessment Rubric

Use the Assessment Rubric to evaluate student understanding as measured against the learning intention for this lesson.

8.1 - Leisure Promotion