Lesson 4

Social & Online Etiquettes

Part of Unit 3 - Mental Health and Wellbeing
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Learning Intention

The students will understand and apply online and social protocols to enhance their relationships with others and protect their wellbeing.

Activity A

Display the words SELF ESTEEM, INFLUENCES, RELATIONSHIPS and WELLBEING for the students to read. Discuss definitions and possible links between the 4 words / phrases. Discuss the way relationships today are often conducted. While many are face to face, such as the relationship students have with their school friends, their teachers, their sporting groups, their parents, siblings etc., many relationships are also experienced online.

Discuss with the children the dangers of online chatting and the importance of discussing this with their parents / caregivers prior to chatting with anyone online. Discuss that regardless of the setting - whether it be a face to face relationship or one that is online - there are certain protocols, or etiquettes that need to be followed to ensure that our relationships are enhanced, but will also protect their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. The students brainstorm social etiquettes and protocols within a face to face social setting, as well as online.

Activity B

Introduce the term “Netiquette” using handout “Social and Online Protocols” (U3L4R1).  This handout is adapted largely from the Aus Govt’s CyberSmart website. As a class, students discuss how these protocols and etiquettes can enhance their relationships with others and protect their wellbeing.


Teacher Notes

For more information on Child protection and Cyber Safety Guidelines:

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