Lesson 1

What Is a Sport?

Part of Unit 7 - Games and Sport
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Learning Intention

Students will become aware of what a sport is and will become aware of the various sports and games played by the other members of their class.

Activity A

Ask students to consider; What is a sport? What is a game? Students are invited to think, pair and share their ideas on the similarities and differences between sports and games.

Activity B

Compile a list of sports that students play. Categorise them into individual and team sports. Graph the results.

Activity C

Using the Lunch Time Game Worksheet (U7L1R1). Students are set an inquiry challenge to investigate the types of games played at lunchtime over a period of one week. Students are to list the games that are being played and the frequency that they are played. At the end of the week, discuss why the students think that these games are being played, and why certain games are more popular than others. Students are to consider the environment on which these games are played and the equipment that is required.