Lesson 7

Traditional Aboriginal Games and Sports

Part of Unit 7 - Games and Sport
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Learning Intention

The students will learn about and participate in some traditional Indigenous Australian games and sports.

Activity A

Discuss the idea that being active and keeping fit is not always about playing organised team sports, but is also about participating in recreational activities. Discuss the types of recreational activities in which students and their families participate during their spare time.

Activity B

Discuss the traditional ways in which Indigenous Australians have lived and the types of activities and games that their community engaged in. Look at the resourcefulness of Indigenous Australians and what the land provided them with. Schools may choose to ask an Indigenous Elder to visit the class to discuss these ideas or be involved in the games. Alternatively this could be introduced via a picture book.

Activity C

Look at handout Indigenous Activity Card (U7L7R1). In groups students are given the activity cards. Have students look at the cards and participate in the activity. Students then discuss what resources the Indigenous Australians may have used to play these games.