Lessons 4 - 6

Modify Your Own Game

Part of Unit 7 - Games and Sport
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Learning Intention

Students will create and present their own modified game.

Activity A

In small groups, students choose a sport / game of interest. Using the Cricket Skills(U7L4-6R1) ask students to work together to design a modified game (U7L4-6R2) that can be played in the playground during lunch time. In their small groups, ask students to discuss and work through the worksheet Planning Our Modified Game to Class (U7L4-6R3). Students should be encouraged to maintain the integrity of the game they are modifying, so it still resembles its original.

Activity B

Ask students to reflect on the modifications they made to determine how well the game was received. Questions to consider:

  • What were the positive aspects of your game and how it was played?
  • What are some areas of improvement?

The students can complete the reflection worksheet Games and Sports Reflection (U7L4-6R4).

Extension Activity

Challenge students to design an event which could be included at the next Youth Paralympics using the worksheet: Games For All (U7L4-6R5) provided.


Teacher Notes

Visit the PE Teaching Resources section of the site as a resource for students to identify different skills in a sport.



The extension activity is optional and can be given to students as a homework activity or as an extension activity.

Visit The Australian Paralympic Committee website here.


Assessment Rubric

Use the Assessment Rubric to evaluate student understanding as measured against the learning intention for this lesson.