Lesson 2

Healthy Food Plate

Part of Unit 1 - Food and Nutrition
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Learning Intention

The students will investigate the role of good nutrition in promoting and maintaining their health and wellbeing.

Activity A

Show the students a blank healthy food plate template (U1L2R1). Allow the students some time to think of the names of the food groups that will fit into the plate.

Activity B

Watch the short video 'What's On Your Plate' which discusses what types of foods are necessary for a balanced main meal.

Activity C

Recap on the food groups and the function of the nutrients using handout 'Food Groups, nutrients and functions of the body' (U1L2R2).

Using the blank healthy food plate template (U1L2R1), fill in the correct food groups as they are mentioned.

Activity D

Play the on-line game 'What's On Your Plate, Kids?' to test student's knowledge with regard to food groups.