Lesson 3

Preventative Health

Part of Unit 2 - Health Benefits of Physical Activity
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Learning Intention

The students will investigate practices that help promote and maintain health and wellbeing such as meeting recommendations in daily physical activity.

Activity A

Recap the previous lessons, paying particular attention to summarise the role that media has in influencing our beliefs, behaviours and practices in regard to physical health and activity.

Pose the question: How much physical activity do people really need to stay healthy?

Display various age groups handout (U2L3R1).

  • 0 - 5 years
  • 5 - 12 years
  • 12 - 18 years
  • Adults
  • Older Australians

Arrange the students into 5 groups, assigning each group to a particular age group. Allow the groups a few minutes to brainstorm how much physical activity their group will need per day to remain healthy, reasons for their answers, and ways to achieve that level of activity.

Using the 'Physical Activity Guidelines' found here, students revise the Physical Activity Guidelines for their age group, and determine how close their answers were to being correct. Each group summarises their age’s physical activity recommendations under the following headings:

  • How many minutes / hours per day of physical exercise is recommended
    • Ways this can be achieved
    • Things that can interfere with the particular age group's success in meeting this recommended time
    • Students hypothesise the effects of not complying with the physical health recommendations for their age group

Activity B

Using the internet, community resources, newspapers, magazines, radio ads, brochures - students research practices that help promote and maintain health and wellbeing for the people in their assigned age group. In some cases, students may need to suggest ways that this can be done, as resources may be limited and difficult to locate, depending on the age group and the geographical area that the students are in.

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Teacher Notes

The National Physical Activity Guidelines is an excellent Australian Government Department resource that has a lot of valuable information relating to physical activity recommendations.