Lesson 8

How Does Physical Activity Help Our Mental Health?

Part of Unit 3 - Mental Health and Wellbeing
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Learning Intention

The students will examine the benefits of physical activity to social health and wellbeing.

Activity A

Discuss what students think makes up a good life.

List various items on the board such as food, money, clothes, health, exercise, etc.

Discuss what students think the term "balance" means.

Ask the class for suggestions about what "balance" means and then refer to a dictionary definition.

Lead a discussion explaining why a balanced life is better than one that has too much of one thing or not enough of another.

Activity B

Introduce the worksheet Balance Scorecard (U3L8R1). Ask students to analyse and reflect on the level of balance in their lives.

Discuss how having a balanced lifestyle that includes physical activity can benefit our social skills and increase our mental wellbeing.

Extension Activity

Chemical Reactions!

Ask students to research endorphins - a chemical reaction that is created and released when exercising, and link it to mental wellbeing. Use the worksheet Chemical Reactions research and worksheet (U3L8R2) to guide the research.