Lesson 3

It’s a Team Effort!

Part of Unit 5 - Challenge and Adventure
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Learning Intention

Students will acquire an understanding of what an informed decision is, and how it impacts on being an effective team member.

Activity A

Brainstorm the word 'decision', and how we make decisions. Ask students to think of times when they have had to make decisions. Have the students reflect on how successful the outcome was, and what they learned from their decision.

As a class, students discuss what impacts decision making.

Display the definition of ‘team work' on the board, without displaying the actual term “team work”. Ask the children to guess what word the definition is defining. Once the definition has been discovered the class discusses various activities that they have been involved in that required them to be part of a team.

Activity B

Watch the Video 'What makes a good leader?' drawing attention to the comments made by Basketballer, Kristi Harrower. Discuss with the class how Kristi works as a team member and what her role is in the team. Students discuss what decisions she may have made to get in the team that she is in.

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Teacher Notes

Decision - the act or process of deciding; (www.dictionary.com)

Team work - co-operative or co-ordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause. (www.dictionary.com)