Lesson 1

What Are the Fundamental Movement Skills?

Part of Unit 6 - Fundamental Movement Skills
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Learning Intention

Students will recognise that there may be a number of solutions to movement challenges.

Activity A

Using the letter pack for 'Fundamental Movement Skills' (U6L1R1), hand one letter to each member of the class. The students will hold the cards so that they are visible to the other members of the class. Ask the students to arrange the cards into the words “FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT SKILLS”. Some assistance may be needed by other members of the class, or by the teacher.

There are 25 letters in total. In the case of your class size being greater than 25, the remaining children will be the ones to organise the students holding the letters into the correct order. In the case of your class size being smaller than 25, the children will place the cards in order on the board / floor. Some children will have more than one card to place.

Once the students have spelled out the words “FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT SKILLS”, allow them some time to reflect on the words, and what the term could possibly mean. Allow them time to think, pair and share their ideas. Regroup as a class to discuss the responses that were generated.

Activity B

Using the list of the fundamental movement skills (U6L1R2) handout, display it for the class to see. Ask the students to group these fundamental movement skills into either

Object Control Skills (e.g.)
1. Throwing
2. Catching
3. Striking
4. Bouncing
5. Dribbling
6. Kicking

Body Management Skills (e.g.)
1. Rolling
2. Stopping
3. Bending
4. Twisting
5. Landing
6. Stretching
7. Climbing
8. Static and Dynamic Balancing
9. Turning

Locomotor Skills (e.g.)
1. Crawling
2. Running
3. Galloping
4. Walking
5. Hopping
6. Skipping
7. Dodging

This can be done on the white board for a whole class activity, or as a handout for completion as an individual activity.