Lesson 2

What Makes a Champion?

Part of Unit 6 - Fundamental Movement Skills
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Learning Intention

Students will recognise that there may be a number of solutions to movement challenges. Students will justify which solution is most appropriate or effective.

Activity A

The focus question “When playing sport, what skills, knowledge, values and attitudes are required to be a champion?” is presented to the students. Allow the students time to consider what the word “champion” refers to and what might be involved in becoming a champion.

Activity B

Watch the short video presented by AIS athletes 'You Can Be A Champion'  and discuss the content presented therein. Ask students to redefine, if necessary, what it means to be a champion.

Activity C

Display the fundamental movement skills (U6L2R1) on the board with a short image / example / video to briefly explain each one.

Ask the students to think of a sport they have participated in and enjoyed. This can be any physical game or sport. Using the Fundamental Movement Skills worksheet (U6L2R2), ask the students to list as many fundamental movement skills as possible, that they would have needed to perform well, in order to one day become a champion at that game or sport.

After completing the handout, students share their answers with other class members. In pairs, children share their answers and discuss similarities and differences. Students need to give reasons as to why they think their chosen sport uses the specified skills.