Lessons 3 - 6

Working On Fundamental Movement Skills

Part of Unit 6 - Fundamental Movement Skills
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Learning Intention

Over the period of 4 lessons, the students will participate in a range of physical activities and explore the health, skill and fitness benefits of each. In doing so, the students will have the opportunity to jump with control for height and distance using a variety of body positions, demonstrate an understanding of how to adjust the force and speed of an object to improve accuracy and control, and refine strategies to persist and successfully perform new and challenging movement skills and sequences.

Activity A

Divide students into 4 equal groups. During each lesson, the groups will be asked to follow the instructions that are on the 12 Task Cards (U6L3-6R1) for 3 different fundamental movement skills. Over the period of 4 lessons, a total of 12 tasks will have been completed.

During these lessons, the students are being assessed on their skill development and performance using the Performance Criteria Assessment sheet for teachers (U6L3-6R2).

Extension Activity

Invite students to choose one or more of the Fundamental Movement Skills they have just practiced. Using the Extension Worksheet: Fundamental Movement Skills (U6L3-6R3), the students will list three important things that need to be focused on when working to improve that skill.

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Assessment Rubric

Use the Assessment Rubric to evaluate student understanding as measured against the learning intention for this lesson.

Performance Criteria Assessment (U6L3-6A1)