Lessons 7 - 10

Applying Movement

Part of Unit 6 - Fundamental Movement Skills
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Learning Intention

The students will participate in a range of physical activities and explore the health, skill and fitness benefits. In doing so, the students will propose and apply movement concepts and strategies to perform movement sequences at different levels using different types of equipment. The students will also compose movement sequences, including balances, to travel from point to point.

Activity A

Divide the class into 17 groups. Each group is given a copy of the:

Fundamental Movement Skill name cards (U6L7-10R1)

Task Card Set criteria (U6L7-10R2)

and Task Card Planning sheet (U6L7-10R3)

Make each group responsible for creating a series of activities, presented on a task card, for one particular fundamental movement skill. For example Group 1 will focus on “balance” and have (3) different balancing activities for students to work through.

At the completion of the series of lessons, each fundamental movement skill will have activities and task cards created. These will be put together to form a series of activities that the students will have the opportunity to participate in.

Activity B

Ask the students to reflect on the various activities they have participated in. Each student is chosen at random to assess the success of one other group’s work on the task of “Catching”. The students will use the handout Peer Assessment Checklist (U6L7-10R4) to help direct their thinking. The students will then be required to present their feedback to the chosen group, and explain their thinking.

On completion of this task, ask the students to complete the same task for their own performance. They will use the handout Self Assessment (U6L7-10R5) to direct their thinking. Ask the students to then discuss the results with their own group members. Note; self / peer assessment could also be completed using a multimedia device or a video camera to capture their performance of this task.

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Teacher Notes

Prior to commencing this series of activities, inform the children that they are going to pay careful attention to one other group’s performance of the “Catching” skill. Discuss with the children what they will be looking for, by showing them the Peer Assessment worksheet. Discuss that they will also be assessing their own performance, using the “Self Assessment” worksheet.