Lesson 5

Good Vs Bad Relationships

Part of Unit 3 - Mental Health and Wellbeing
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Learning Intention

The students will assess the impact of different relationships on personal health and wellbeing. The students will understand the importance of creating connections with others to enhance social health.

Activity A

Brainstorm the various relationships the students may have. List them on the board. Discuss the importance of positive relationships, and that while each relationship is different, they always involve its members to be active participants. Each person needs to give of themselves, and in turn needs to accept and respect the other person in that relationship.

Activity B

Introduce the Relationship Worksheet (U3L5R1). Ask students to list 3 - 5 of their most important relationships, and decide how those relationships are positive, and the benefits of each relationship to their health and wellbeing. Invite students to suggest ways in which each of these relationships could be improved to increase the positive impact on their personal health and wellbeing. Students are reminded that relationships are a 2-way situation, if a relationship needs improving, it is often a good idea to look at how they can personally change behaviours and attitudes to improve the relationship, as well as how the other member can change their behaviour and attitude.