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Nestlé for Healthier Kids videos support specific teaching units within the resource, aiming to give students an engaging means of expanding their knowledge of the key learning areas you teach. Our video collection covers a range of topics – everything from nutrients in foods, to hydration, to sport – even about how to read a food label!

What should we eat?

These bite-sized videos let kids easily discover the types of fuel that they need to maintain a healthy, active body; how to read food labels; and the nutrients in certain foods.

Fuelling your Body

Take a look at the sort of fuel that helps to keep bodies active, and the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet.

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Healthy Habits, Healthy You!

“You are what you eat!” The sorts of foods you eat in a day actually become a part of your body. So, if kids choose the right sorts of foods, they’ve got a much better chance of staying healthy.

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How to Read a Food Label

It’s one thing to know which foods are good for us, but how do we tell which foods have more nutrients than others? Take a look at how to read a food label, so we can all make healthier choices.

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Get Inspired with the Australian Institute of Sport

AIS athletes share advice and their experiences with leading an active, balanced lifestyle. Kids can get valuable insights into the inner-workings of past, present, and future champions of the AIS.

Healthy Eating Matters

In this video feature, kids will further develop their understanding of the types of foods that are important for AIS athletes both when they are training and when they are recovering.

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Eating For Sport

This video feature investigates the relationship between food and energy and the role physical activity and food choice play in ensuring AIS athletes can perform at their best.

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Are You Active Enough?

In this video feature, AIS athletes will identify and explain the importance of getting active outside of their normal training regime, plus tips for goal setting.

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