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Indoor Games

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Statue Games

Location: Beach, Outdoor, Park, Playground
Min number of players: 4
Age of players: All

These two games are ideal activities for a large group of children.

  • Freeze Frame. One person is designated as It. The others begin hopping, walking, or crawling around the yard or room. At some point It says, “Freeze.” Everyone must then hold their position like a statue, no matter how awkward or unbalanced. The first one to break his or her statue position becomes It for the next round. If It chooses, It may prescribe the movement that the potential statues must use.
  • Swing a Statue. This game is best played outside on an open lawn area. One player is the sculptor and the others are the future statues. One by one, the sculptor holds each of the statues-to-be by the hands and gently swings him or her around once or twice. At the moment that the sculptor releases the swinging statue-to-be, he or she calls out an animal or object. As the statue comes to a rest, he or she does their best to settle in a position that suggests the called out animal or object. Once all of the statues have been swung, the sculptor gets to admire his or her work and pick a favourite. The favourite statue then becomes the sculptor for the next round.

Indoor Lawn Bowling

Location: Indoor
Required: Socks
Min number of players: 2
Age of players: All

Lawn bowling is an old favourite played with four heavy wooden balls. It’s fun, but it could get to be a little noisy if you try to play it in your house.

  • For a quieter version, which can be played individually or in teams in a hallway, have the children use rolled-up socks instead of the large wooden balls. Another brightly colored sock ball can be the target or bowl.
  • To begin, have one player or team roll the bowl to the other end of the hall.
  • Then, starting with the other player or team, take turns tossing the sock balls toward the bowl, the object being to place the sock balls as close as possible to the bowl without touching it.
  • When all of the sock balls have been tossed, players score one point for each of their sock tosses that is closer to the bowl than any of the opposing team’s socks (if opposing sock balls are touching, there are no points).
  • A good strategy is to use a shot to try to knock the socks of the other team away from the bowl.

Indoor Olympics

Location: Indoor
Min number of players: 2
Age of players: All

The Olympics, the pinnacle of international sports achievement, right in the living room! Stage an indoor Olympics, by putting together an assortment of simple sport challenges. To get the entrants into the spirit of the games, have them put together their own Olympic uniforms. Get their creative juices flowing with these suggestions for indoor sporting events:

  • Slither race. Contestants slither along the length of the room on their stomachs without using their arms or hands.
  • Balance beam. Athletes walk on a piece of string on the floor. One misstep and it’s back to the beginning.
  • Crab or duckwalking. Olympic hopefuls walk the length of the room and back like a duck or a crab.
  • Knee races. Have the competitors kneel on the rug for this race.
  • Triathlon. Combine three simple activities for a triathlon event.