AIS Virtual Tour

AIS Pool

Play the video to learn more about the features of the AIS Pool at the AIS with Edwina Bone.


After watching the video, take some time to discuss your thoughts around the following questions:

-   Why does the quality of the water matter to athlete swimmers?

-   What other exercises might support you to be a faster swimmer?

-   What design features in the AIS Pool area help coaches to understand more about the swimmers’ movements in the pool? Why is this helpful?

Activity: Discuss how pool safety is different from staying safe at the beach and in the ocean. Who is available to help us in each location? Look at some of the safety signs that you might see at the beach or at a pool that help keep people safe. In a group, draw or write the behaviours that keep you safe and the behaviours that keep others safe at the pool or the beach. Are there any behaviours that are the same at both locations?

AIS Pool