Activity 3

Physical Challenges

Try these problem-solving challenges out with your class!

Spider Web: Using a frame or two trees, build a giant spider web using bungee cords or string, blocking safe passage through the space. Start on one side and, one at a time, get to the other side of the web by crawling, climbing or passing your teammates through each hole! Lose points or start again if you touch the web. The key here is great communication and leadership skills.

Ball Maze: In groups of 4 with one team member holding each corner of a large flat sheet, navigate a ball between slashes or holes in the sheet to reach a central scoring zone. Compete with other teams or against a timer to increase the challenge!

Bucket Balance: In teams of 4, lay on the floor with legs up in the air and all feet together. Balance a bucket filled with light balls on the bottom of your feet. In turn, each person must remove each of their shoes without upsetting the bucket. How fast can you complete the task?

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Physical Challenges

Physical Challenges