Activity 5

What 'Wood' You Build?

Working with natural materials is a great way to develop your design skills and learn about different equipment. Try your hand at some simple woodwork (with an adult to help you and the right safety equipment!) and build one of these projects: 

Level 1: Easy catapult: Use a wooden peg as your spring and a popsicle stick with a bottle cap glued to it to hold a small ball. Attach the peg and stick to two small blocks of wood and fire away! 

Level 2: Photo frame: Measure and saw the wood, sand the edges, glue the pieces together. Attach a photo to a piece of cardboard and staple it to the back of your frame.

Level 3: Air Bee and Bee: Drill some holes into a stump or chunky log. Surround it with lengths of bamboo with one end sealed with clay (this makes them safe for bees to lay their eggs in). Wrap twine around your log and bamboo tightly and lay sideways so the holes face outwards, not upwards. Put in a shady spot near plants and flowers!

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What 'Wood' You Build?

What 'Wood' You Build?