Activity 3

Food Illusions!

Modern chefs often use illusion to create dishes that look completely different to how they taste. Research chefs that have made savoury-looking dishes taste sweet and sweet-looking dishes taste savoury before trying this challenge: 

Investigate how different food combinations can be disguised or presented as something else. Design and cook a ‘backwards’ tea party for your friends or another class by creating dishes that are not what they seem! Examples could be a dessert disguised as a main meal, veggies disguised as lollies or even a sandwich that’s really a cake!

Collect your guests’ feedback afterwards to determine what worked and which dishes might need further thought!

Extension: Investigate which foods can be used as natural food colourings as well as flavours and which ones only work as either colours or flavours. For example, beetroot makes a beautiful colour for red velvet cake, but how do you also make it taste good?

For educators

Food Illusions!

Food Illusions!