AIS Virtual Tour

Dining Hall

Play the video to learn more about the Dining Hall at the AIS with Shae Graham.

After watching the video, take some time to discuss your thoughts around the following questions:

  • How does your body use protein, carbohydrates and fats? Which do you think is the most important? Why?
  • How does your school canteen organise the amount of food needed to feed the students at your school?
  • Can you still be an athlete if your diet excludes meat? Carbohydrates? Fats? Show why or why not.

Activity: What does an athlete eat for breakfast? Collect a range of cereal boxes and investigate the nutritional information of each brand and type. Consider the Health Star rating of each with takes into account the salt/sodium content, sugar content, energy content, protein, saturated fat and fibre and discuss how ‘healthy’ each cereal is in relation to what you know about healthy, balanced diets. Think about ingredients such as oats, other whole grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Which cereal would be the best of an athlete’s diet? Design a ‘perfect’ balanced breakfast for an athlete which includes all food groups.

Dining Hall