AIS Virtual Tour

High Performance Centre

Play the video to learn more about the High Performance Centre at the AIS with Shae Graham.

After watching the video, take some time to discuss your thoughts around the following questions:

  • What does ‘high performance’ mean in sport?
  • Research one of the jobs needed in the High Performance Centre. Write an advert for this job to recruit someone for your school.
  • How can science help you to find out more about your body? What tests could be used?

Activity: Investigate the effects of different activities on your heart rate. While relaxing, find your pulse by holding your wrist, or pressing lightly on the side of your neck just under the jawline. With a timer, count how many beats you can feel for 30 seconds. This is your resting heart rate; record it for later. Try out some different exercises or activities such as playing Tig, using a skipping rope for 1 minute, or bouncing a ball consistently for 1 minute. Record your heart rate for 30 seconds immediately after each activity and then measure how long it takes for your pulse to return to its resting rate. Record your data in a chart to show how your heart rate was affected.


High Performance Centre