Lesson 7

Analysing Health Messages In the Media

Part of Unit 4 - Safety
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Learning Intention

The students will analyse health messages in the media and compare their interpretations with other members of the class.

Activity A

As discussed earlier in the unit, safety is important in a variety of situations. Recap some situations where the students would need to be aware of some safety situations and guidelines.

Divide the class into 4 groups.

Group 1: Sun Safety
Group 2: Water Safety
Group 3: Online Safety
Group 4: Road Safety

Each group is to research and locate relevant health messages in various forms of media. This may include online health messages on government websites, print advertisements, newspaper articles, television advertisements.

Activity B

After each member of the group has individually analysed the messages using the Media Messages (U4L7R1) worksheet, the students will compare their interpretations with the other members of their group.

Activity C

The class regroups to discuss the various health messages and interpretations.

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Teacher Notes

In lesson 1 of this unit, it was discussed that this unit is focusing on identifying safe and unsafe situations at home, school, parties and in the community. This can include strategies for dealing with unsafe or uncomfortable situations, practices when using ICT and online services, as well as safety when participating in physical activity.

Some useful websites regarding sun safety:
Sun Protection

Some useful websites regarding water safety:
Water Safety - Play it Safe by the Water
Australian Water Safety Council

Some useful websites regarding online safety:
Stay Smart Online

Some useful websites regarding road safety:
Pedestrian Safety
Road Safety