Unit 1

Food and Nutrition


Knowledge & Understanding

  • Health
  • Personal Development


By the end of Year 5

  • Health is multidimensional and influenced by individual and group actions and environments
    • Health includes physical, social, emotional and cognitive (relating to thought processes, reasoning and intuition) dimensions
    • Personal, social, cultural and environmental factors influence behaviours and choices including eating and physical activity
  • Energy balance can be achieved by selecting a range of foods from the five food groups,in amounts that reflect personal factors, age and activity levels.

By the end of Year 7

  • Family, peers and the media influence health behaviours

Personal Development

By the end of Year 5

  • Personal identity, relationships and self-management are influenced by beliefs, behaviours and social factors, and shape personal development
  • Identity is influenced by personality traits, responses in a variety of social contexts, responsibilities and accomplishments


Lesson 6

Hydration - The Importance of Water

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Lessons 7 - 9

Hydration - Putting It All Together

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Lessons 11 - 12

Let’s Investigate Resources

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