Lesson 9


Part of Unit 8 - Lifelong Physical Activities
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Learning Intention

Students examine the benefits of physical activity to social health and mental wellbeing.

Activity A

Display Images of people playing various sports (U8L9R1) around the room or on the whiteboard. Ask the students to study the parts of the body that are doing most of the work in each image. Discuss the major muscles used in these sports and complete worksheet: Muscle Groups and Different Sports (U8L9R2).

Discuss the major muscles used in these sports, how they develop and grow stronger. Discuss other attributes that are important to performance, e.g. strength, speed, balance, skill level, etc. Ask students to compare different athletes, e.g. a swimmer and weightlifter.

Activity B

Discuss the effects of physical activity on the body by referring to the worksheet: Different Activities and the Body (U8L9R3).