Unit 3

Mental Health and Wellbeing

South Australia


  • Personal & Social Development
  • Health of Individuals & Communities

Key Idea 1

Students increasingly understand, analyse and communicate the influence of factors such as culture, location, gender, ability, emergent technologies and family on their identity. (Id In C KC1 KC2 KC7)

Standard and Evidence

2.3 Establishes a sense of self-worth in a variety of contexts within the school, and communicates personal feelings in different situations. (Id In C KC2)

  • Describes what they like/dislike about themselves and what they can improve, and how they feel when those attributes are acknowledged. (Id KC1 KC2)
  • Critically analyses the influences on their sense of worth. (Id KC1)

Key Idea 2

Students accept increasing responsibility for their future wellbeing and analyse factors that support or present risks to their health and that of their families, friends and communities. (F In KC1)

Standard and Evidence

3.6 Analyses a variety of community health issues that affect them and investigates community programs to address them. (In T KC1 KC6)

  • Considers ways to counter detrimental influences of advertising and stereotypes and proposes alternatives. (T KC6)