Lesson 2

Investigating Safety Resources

Part of Unit 4 - Safety
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Learning Intention

The students will investigate ways to access community resources to seek help about health, safety and wellbeing.

Activity A

Discuss what safety issues you might encounter in your daily life?

Activity B


  • How do you KNOW if you’re safe or unsafe?
  • What feelings and emotions do you experience in a safe and in an unsafe situation?
  • How would you deal with being in an unsafe, threatening or uncomfortable situation?

As a class the students brainstorm places where they might go to access community resources to seek help regarding their safety. Remind the students that the focus for this unit is on identifying safe and unsafe situations at home, school, parties and in the community. This can include strategies for dealing with unsafe or uncomfortable situations, practices when using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and online services including cyber bullying, as well as safety when participating in physical activity.

Activity C

Discuss the importance of applying criteria to online information to assess the credibility of the information. As a class, form a checklist of criteria to evaluate the credibility of a site, and provide examples of ways to tell if the site is credible. Compare the criteria checklist that the class created to the handout: Assessing a website checklist template (U4L2R1).

Activity D

In pairs, the students are asked to research sources of information either about social safety, cyber safety or safety when participating in physical activities, and places where they access community resources to seek help about safety, and prioritise those that are reliable and trustworthy.