Lesson 8

Being a Leader

Part of Unit 8 - Lifelong Physical Activities
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Learning Intention

The students will demonstrate their simple fitness circuit to the class. The students will evaluate their peer’s fitness circuit to ensure it meets the specified criteria.

Activity A

What is a leader? Ask the children to answer this using their ideas of what a leader is, the traits a good leader needs, examples of positive (and negative) traits displayed by some well known leaders and what it means to be in a position of leadership. Show the video featuring AIS athletes called: “What Makes a Good Leader?” The students revisit the opening question “What is a leader?” and make any adjustments to their initial answers.

Activity B

Discuss that as the seniors of the school, they are a role model to the younger grades. Discuss ways the students could encourage younger students to be active, and how activities could be arranged for students during lunch time. Using the current Our Modified Game (U8L8R1) ask students to write a plan for the creation of a modified game that could be played at school and is inclusive of children of all grades. The students need to ensure that they look at the physical environment, equipment and rules to create inclusive games.