Lesson 5

Hydration - Body Composition

Part of Unit 1 - Food and Nutrition
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Learning Intention

The students will be able to use various forms of media to represent the percentage of water that makes up a body’s composition.

Activity A

Display the words “water” “food” and “rest” (U1L5R1) students are invited to rate the words in order of importance to humans for staying healthy. Discuss their answers and reasons for their choice. General discussion on the importance of water (both fresh and salt) to all life on earth. Students view a globe, which demonstrates how much water is on our planet’s surface.

Activity B

Students view an outline of a human body (U1L5R2) and are invited to draw a line to indicate the percentage of water they think makes up their body. The actual percentage (approximately 66%) is shown as an overlay to the one the students did.

Activity C

Show the students an outline of a human brain (U1L5R3) and invite them to draw what percentage of water they think makes up their brain. Now show the real percentage (77 - 78%) as an overlay to the one the students did. Discuss the above percentages and what it means to be hydrated.

Activity D

The students watch the video Why Do We Need Water? and discover more about what part water plays in the body. Once this is complete, the students form pairs to complete the interactive game, Body Splash. This will require the students to utilise the knowledge they have just learnt from the activities and the video, to successfully complete the game.


Teacher Notes

Activity B and C would be best completed at a whole class level, either on a large copy of the handout or as an interactive whiteboard display.


Assessment Rubric

Use the Assessment Rubric to evaluate student understanding as measured against the learning intention for this lesson.