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Bush Tucker Bites

Because of their deep ongoing connection to the Land, First Nations Peoples of Australia are adept at identifying native fruits, vegetables and herbs that are delicious and nutritious! Watch the video to hear about 12 native bushfoods you might not have heard of before, courtesy of Yerrabingin

Research the plants and trees in your local area which could be grown and harvested. Connect with the Traditional Custodians and Elders in your area to learn more about traditional food sources of the community. 

Check out these other videos to learn more about bushfoods around Australia:

Going further: How do you think the traditional sources of food might change depending on where you lived in Australia? Consider the food that might be available in the following areas: 

  • Coastal
  • Bush
  • Rainforest
  • Desert

Bush Tucker Bites

Bush Tucker Bingo

Bush Tucker Bites