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Community: Corroboree!

Community: Corroboree!

Corroboree ceremonies have been performed for thousands of years by First Nations Peoples of Australia to create and support strong spiritual bonds between people and Country. 

Reach out and build a relationship with Traditional Custodians in your area. They might be able to teach you or give direction to find out more able to cultural traditions and ceremonies in your local area.           

How could you inspire a deeper social connection with the people around you? Plan an event which brings people together in your local area, either at school or in the community. Consider:

  • A significant location for your event which promotes a connection to Country
  • An outcome - what do you and your local community want people to get out of your event?
  • What time of day would support social connection for your community?
  • Will you offer any activities to promote social connection?
  • How could you consider making or catering some food that uses native ingredients?

Going further: Consider how First Nations Peoples used trade routes across the country to communication, collaborate, connect and negotiate with and between different language groups. How long might it have taken a group of people to walk to your area from the following places? Use the formula Time = Distance divided by/ Speed to work it out:

Toowoomba, Qld
Woolongong, NSW
Warrnambool, SA
Mandurah, WA
Doomadgee, NT
Coober Pedy, SA
Warragul, Vic
Moogara, Tas


Community: Corroboree!

You, me, Corroboree.

Community Corroboree