Yarning Circle

Innovation in Aquaculture!

To some people, a stone might look like just a stone, but for First Nations Peoples they were a source of innovation! The Ngemba people of Brewarrina, NSW, and the Gunditjmara people of Lake Condah, Vic, built complex fish traps from stone structures that could be adapted based on the seasons and changing water levels. In this way, they thrived from their knowledge of aquaculture and the resulting trade of fish with passing or visiting groups. 

Conduct some research into the Traditional Custodians of the area where you live and find out about their uses of natural resources such as wood and stone. Use the AIATSIS Map of Indigenous Australia to get started. 

Using your imagination, make a list of 20 different uses for a large rock. Consider how it could be used or altered for different purposes. 

Going further: Create a classroom Shark Tank experience and ‘sell’ your million dollar Rock Use idea to your teacher!

Innovation in Aquaculture!

What can you do with a tree? 

Innovative Aquaculture